Research Methodology

Optimisa research Ltd. provides support every step of the way from Project design, questionnaire design, moderation, fieldwork interviews, data processing & analysis, quality control with all fieldwork personnel, presentation of results and debriefing workshop.

Our areas of activity can be divided into the following categories:


Qualitative research is about understanding phenomena, not measuring them.
It answers questions such as:

How? Why? What? NOT……. how many?

Qualitative research is used to elicit attitudes, beliefs, values, assumptions and motivations that are not easily accessed with quantitative research.

It is used to retrieve underlying and non-rational motivations by utilizing projective techniques.
At Optmisa research you will find qualitative specialists who have valuable expertise and experience.
We employ the following methods:

  • Focus groups or mini groups or friendship groups
  • Reconvened groups
  • One-on-One in-depths interviews
  • Ethnographic methods or consumer immersions
  • Qualitative hall tests
  • Retail observation
  • Creative workshops
  • Consumer panels
  • Online Communities

Quantitative research is about measurement.
It answers questions such as:
How many? What percentage? “Answers which need statistical validity”
It is used when you want to quantify and measure the magnitude of issues relating to the market and brands.
Quantitative techniques can be employed for ad-hoc studies as well as tracking studies, for both consumer and trade.
We employ the following methods:
• Face to face interviews
• Telephone interviews
• Hall tests
• Consumer Panels
• Distribution checks
• Mystery shopping
• Online Surveys
• Computer Aided Telephone Interviews (CATI)

How The Process Works