At Optimisa research Ltd., we give our partners, the option of using our field force and Data Processing expertise and resources at a reasonable cost.

We maintain a huge field force of well trained and experienced interviewers.
We provide nationwide coverage including, urban, peri-urban and rural locations.
Where necessary, we translate the questionnaire to local dialect.
We are able to handle large projects within the shortest possible time due to the huge and qualified field force.

Data processing
Optimisa research offers the services of data cleaning, data coding, data entry and data processing. We can send the raw data in either SPSS or ASCII.

Qualitative Field Services
We offer recruitment for focus groups and B2B in-depths, moderation with viewing facilities and transcripts.

Focus Groups DiscussionsA good way to gather people from similar backgrounds or experiences to discuss a specific topic of interest and the discussion is normally recorded.

In -depth Interviews (IDIs)This is a confidential and secure conversation between an interviewer and a respondent. This discussion is normally recorded for accuracy purposes.