Optimisa Research Limited is a fully fledged market and social research firm operating within and outside the confines of East Africa. The firm has offices in East Africa as well as a presence in other African countries. Its operations begun in 2015. We have experienced rapid growth, carrying out projects for local and international clients across the globe. Optimisa Research Limited is a corporate member of the Marketing & Social Research Association (MSRA), which is a professional body for marketing and social researchers in Africa.


Driving research to greater heights and breaking boundaries in Nurturing long term growth of our clients


We get you better business driving strategies geared towards a brighter future for your company and giving a broader perspective of the issue at hand

Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Consumer Advocates

Why Optimisa Research

Conceived in 2015, We are one of the fastest growing research companies in East Africa.

A Great Team We are a team of tried and tested practitioners, researchers and marketers. The business of research is at our heart. We aim to create and maintain long-term relationships with our clients.

Experience Collectively, we have many years of experience working on Consumer and Social research. As individuals, we have unique—and complementary—approaches.

Expertise We came together to help businesses achieve their potential and to meet real market needs. Our team prides itself in its futuristic outlook and ability to inject a new way of thinking. Provide high quality and reliable data that informs decision makers in reconstruction and development of their businesses.

Cost Effective Such a minimal entity as no much over-head cost, we quote effective cost, with providing higher quality findings

Research Client Portfolio